How to Fill Out a Literature Web


Write the title (and chapter) of the poem, story, or book you are reading.


Write the name of the person who wrote the selection.

Key Words

Think and look back over what you read. What were some words or groups of words that you really liked or thought were really important? Why were they special words to you? What were some words you thought were interesting or exciting? Were there any words you did not know?


What feelings did you get while you were reading? Did you feel positive (good) or negative (bad) feelings? What do you think made you feel the way you did? How do you think the characters were feeling? What happened in the reading that told you how the characters felt? What do you think the author was feeling when he/she wrote this? How do you think the author feels about the topic of the selection?


What was the main idea? What is the selection really about? How do you know? What were some of the other important ideas? What did the reading show about the idea of change?


What were some of the pictures that came to your mind as you were reading? What words helped you get those pictures? Were there any other words that appealed to your other senses? What were some of the things in the story that may have had more than one meaning? Why do you think they meant more than one thing?


What genre is the selection?  Is it a narrative, informational, or descriptive piece of writing?  What tools does the author use to tell the story (dialogue, figurative language, poetry, alliteration, onomatopoeia, personification, etc.). 

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