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Advanced Math 5

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Advanced Math 6

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Enriched English Language Arts 6

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Students will read the book Tuck Everlasting.  While reading the book, students will participate in 7 literacy circle events. Students will pose questions for discussion and answer 2 other questions posed. 

Finding Freedom invites students to follow America's journey toward finding freedom by examining multiple perspectives, conflicts, ideas, and challenges through the analysis of primary sources and key historical events. 

What's the fascination with science fiction?

Should we keep America's immigration door open?

Why does myth endure?

Advanced Math 6 meets daily from 12:54PM - 1:54PM.

Enriched English Language Arts 6 meets daily from 1:56PM - 2:58PM.

Enriched English Language Arts 5 meets daily from 8:00AM - 9:04AM.

Advanced Math 5 meets daily from 11:11AM - 12:11AM.

Both poets and scientists turn their attetion to to the ultra-close examination of the world. 

Essay Voyage

Grammar is a way of thinking about language.